Martell Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. was formed to improve the management of cancer and advance exciting new technologies and solutions. Our commercial business model revolves around establishing a Minnesota-based national reference laboratory.


The first “product” is a blood test to monitor the course and treatment of HER2 breast cancer, the most aggressive form responsible for the majority of deaths. We recently began promoting HERTEST, a branded version of the sHER2/neu ELISA test. In addition, we are commercializing CHECKMARK, a blood test (serum) to measure soluble PD-L1, a biomarker of prognostic value in the management of lung, kidney and other cancers. We are developing ways to take these tests to the doctor’s office or  hospital--this will be accomplished using microfluidic immunoassays.

Microfluidic Reader

We are converting our CLIA laboratory from ELISA-based to microfluidic-based. This is the first step to providing our reference lab tests for hospital labs and doctors’ offices. It takes 10-14 days to receive most serum biomarker test reports. This could be reduced to one hour by using a novel microfluidic, cartridge-based test system. Thus, providing real-time data for assisting in therapy decisions.

Our first system, developed in collaboration with an equipment manufacturer, uses their machine and custom cartridges with Martell's detection chemistry. Following this proof of concept we will engage a local medical device developer to assist in the design, build and manufacture of Martell's stand alone point-of-care microfluidic reader. During the design process we will also develop multiplexed cartridges to simultaneous measure several blood proteins; multiplexed microfluidics is the diagnostic methodology of the future.​

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