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Martell Diagnostic Laboratories

Martell Diagnostic Laboratories Inc. is an onco-diagnostic company measuring success of patients’ cancer therapy through blood-based testing.  As a CLIA certified national reference laboratory operating in Roseville, MN, we are dedicated to developing and promoting simple, relatively inexpensive tumor biomarker tests that help medical oncologists manage cancer treatment.  Since being founded by Franklin Pass, MD and Mark Green, MD, PhD, we have developed two tests designed to move the needle for targeted cancer drugs:  HERTEST and CHECKMARK.  Both aim to provide real-time feedback to oncologists and patients, improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and enhance quality of life throughout the cancer care journey.  We welcome the opportunity to communicate with medical oncologists, breast surgeons, and interventional radiologists to help deliver the best care possible.


“At Martell, we bring together a group of dedicated and brilliant minds with a shared mission. We are inspired to expedite a future of more personalized cancer treatment which is better for everyone.”

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