HERTEST, sHER2/neu, is a test that detects the tumor biomarker HER2 in serum. Levels may be elevated at the time of HER2 breast cancer tumor diagnosis or rise years later. It most often fluctuates during the course of disease, rising with tumor progression and falling when treatment is effective.


Martell Diagnostic is a reference laboratory providing the serum HER2 (quantitative sHER2/neu ELISA) test to hospitals and physicians. Our test is FDA-cleared, and reimbursement is covered by CPT code 83950. Evidence for its prognostic and predictive value has been documented in more than 6,000 patients, providing actionable information to guide treatment.

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The sHER2/neu ELISA is one of several diagnostic tools available to manage women with HER2 breast cancer. HER2 tumors are often aggressive, but a growing number of drugs, called targeted therapeutics, are specific for HER2 tumors and improve outcomes. Your sHER2/neu value, which changes over time, provides your doctor with actionable information.